His Girlfriend Broke His Dick

Now folks,  I’m no doctor, nor do I claim to be,  ……and…. I am a girl so I do not have a penis hence I have no idea if you can actually break a penis or not ……..but on with the story. So the other day a friend of mine told me his girlfriend broke […]

City Idiots Playing with Piglets.

So the Forest Ranger walks up and I say..”excuse me…what is that thing over there in between the trees”….mind you I’m pretty far away…you see, I thought it was a dog from where I was sitting but the fact there was a family taking pictures of it lead me to believe it was not a […]

15 HARROWING Seconds!

NEWSFLASH…..brought to you by some ridiculous newschannel on one of the 2000 channels of nothing that you pay Cox Communication for…… “15 Harrowing Seconds of Turbulence on Flight blah blah blah”….15 HARROWING seconds, folks, not just any ol seconds but HARROWING seconds…(I don’t think we are using the word “harrowing” enough….this is your assignment….utilize the […]

Betty White, Twinkies, and the Economic Death of Western Civilization

“Betty White, Twinkies, and the Economic Decline of the Western Hemisphere” A Public Service announcement from AJsRants   At some point it’s just too much….that point where you say “what in THEE hell is going on in this world?”….when mankind messes with something so natural, so normal…..when the common man plays god with  something we […]

Shove it in Your Pants……Forcefully

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way from Emissions….. Now hopefully as you are reading this, emission are no longer required for motorcycles in Arizona.  At least that’s the buzz I heard…something along the lines of not needing it after June 21, 2013….but alas, that was no good to me as my tags expired in […]

Mangos, Manscaping and Why Cosmo Hates Men

“Mangos, Manscaping and Why Cosmo Hates Men”  A public service announcement from AJs Rants. I have come to the conclusion that Cosmopolitan Magazine secretly hates men.  It’s the ONLY plausible explanation as to why they teach women the things they do.  I imagine a secret “men hater” group all sitting around a table with their […]

Fatal Stupidity

“Fatal Stupidity, the Evil Dead, and For Heaven Sakes, Leave Bob at Home” So as I love scary movies, I feel it is my civic duty to see them all and then report back to inform the masses whether it is worth 5 bucks or not (well,  $5 to get in and $ 17.95 at […]